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MySpaceIM (Build 595)

About Chimera

We primarily provides 3 services: Chimera IM, Chimera Passport, Chimera Live.

MSN Messegner (Version: 1.0.0863)

The Project's History

Starting it's life out as Ghost, a project which aimed to create a small server, initially for Skype and later MySpaceIM, in C#. Later, this project was scraped in favour of a smaller project just for MySpaceIM in Golang called Phantom.

Now almost a full year after the debut of Ghost, Chimera is the final form of the project. Featuring not just IM, but also a Microsoft-inspired Passport Service and a suite of applications dubbed Chimera Live that are meant to enhance the experiences of users. We give you the opportunity to relive the nostalgia you've always adored, with more then you could have dreamed of.

Privacy First.

We at Chimera take Privacy very seriously. We do not store any logs on disk for regular users, and only print debugging information for Beta Testers, as that is valuable information for us, as it helps us develop new features and fix bugs in the service. Chimera does not store any data outside of Passport, as all Service and "Live" data is sent to Passport's servers. We are commited to protect privacy of our users.

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MySpace Status

No MySpace 1xx builds where ever released
MySpace 2 (Build 2xx) Partially Supported
MySpace 3 (Build 3xx) Partially Supported
MySpace 4 (Build 4xx) Partially Supported
MySpace 5 (Build 5xx) Supported
MySpace 6 (Build 6xx) Supported
MySpace 7 (Build 7xx) Partially Supported
MySpace 8 (Build 8xx) Partially Supported